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Looking For A Fun Winter Activity?
Sleigh ride packages are available for you or your group!


Sleigh rides, Horse Carrige rides, Enjoy the quiet beauty of a winter sleigh gliding through a pristine white wonderland! Our large sleighs hold approximately 16 adults, pulled by a pair of percheron draft horses, we provide a  crackling bonfire for you to warm up and enjoy refreshments of your choice.  Each bonfire is reserved for your group, with picnic tables, roasting sticks, and rustic restrooms! After your bonfire the ride back to the farm is about 10 minutes, where children can get up close to farm animals for a pet and some great pictures and memories.

We cater to your needs and requests. Whether you want a night ride through our candle lit trails, or a ride for your family gathering, we can do it.

Featuring 2 teams of Percherons, 2 sleighs (or wagons depending on snow conditions) and a 4 person Russian sleigh. With room for up to 40 people at a time, we can handle almost any size group.

Starwood Farm

225031 Abt Rd, Ringle, WI 54471
(715) 393-9951